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How do we source our tea?
We have our own direct connections to some of the best tea estates in the business. We get our hands on high-end whole leaf tea and cut-out the loose tea store middleman (as if they’d do business with us anyway…).

Is Illicit Tea organic/bio?
All of our teas are premium whole leaf from an organic/bio origin. We’re currently going through the process of getting the Illicit Tea Co. certified by the authorities (yes, them again…) and trying to be on our best behaviour so we can officially state this soon.

What makes our tea different?
We produce each tea specific to our crew’s demands. Illicit Tea is all about distinctive big-hitting flavours that have our fingerprints all over them.

What’s our set-up like?
Each box is packed in-house in our home city of Berlin to flex our control over the production process. Our set-up is still very much Illicit but no rogue additives even exist in our supply chain.

How about being vegan & vegetarian friendly?
For sure! Our tea and teabags are completely free from animal products.

Do the teas have an expiry date?
Relax, our teas easily stay fresh for a couple of years so if you’re mainly a coffee drinker then there’s no rush to change that!

Do we have more tea types?
Yes - We’re working on producing more teas and we'll make these available very soon. Illicit Tea has only just begun so keep an eye on our Instagram to be the first to know!

Illicit Tea Co. - Teabag


Why tea bags?
Measuring, scooping-out and spilling tea leaves everywhere? Emptying and cleaning some dumb infuser? No - we don’t have time for that shit either.

Why are they pyramids?
Small paper tea bags are not suitable for premium quality whole leaf tea. The pyramid shape gives the leaves space to expand and brew properly.

Why are they that size?
We never cut a bad deal and every one of our large pyramids comes-in heavy on weight to fully maximise the taste.


What about our packaging?
We chose our current Kraft paper packaging because it doesn't require an additional inner layer to keep contents protected and fresh. It is also extremely lightweight and takes up a low amount of space when transported. As an independent business we don’t purchase and print more than we need and all packaging and shipping materials are sourced locally from a Berlin supplier. We’re also in the process of moving to the use of fully compostable packaging materials.